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12 Phases Hoshinden Jutaijutsu

The primary art studied and taught at Raining Spirit Dojo is called "12-Phases Hoshinden Jutaijutsu". It was officially formed by Sylph Dominic Hawkins in 2013. It's name is intended to demonstrate its lineage and foundations.
Building on Sylph's original study of "Hoshin Jutsu", the name "Hoshinden" is intended to suggest that it is a "variation" of the Hoshin ryuha (family line).
The focus of study is on the physical, mental and emotional skills components that make up one side of the art. The wording "Jutaijutsu" is intended to suggest that it is a physical study of "magical body skill" or "special body skill".

The vehicle used to make that physical, mental and emotional study is a Martial Art that looks at life through a framework of "12 fundamentally different qualities that express themselves at all levels of experience". The wording "12 Phases" is intended to suggest that the overlapping cycles (phases) of change, which cause these 12 qualities to be advantageous or disadvantageous in relation to each other, is the framework through which the art is studied.

In its entirety then, the art name is intended to suggest:
"The variation of the Hoshin lineage which uses special body skills to explore the expressions of 12 different fundamental qualities which present themselves in phases and cycles"

It looks at the "seasons" of life experiences and aims to understand the benefits and perils of each.

Sylph Hawkins officially formed the art into a more cohesive structure in 2013 and the fundamental curriculum and framework ideas were formed between 2006-2013 (drawing from his study of Hoshin Jutsu from 2001 onwards and his study of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu from 2005 onwards).
The primary structure being a syllabus which classifies martial art techniques and principals by relative cycling/repeating "qualities" rather than mere "levels" of study for the student to progress through.

The Hoshinden Jutaijutsu lineage chart
Showing dates that the various Hoshin arts and lineages / interpretations were formed since the original art was created in 1981 by Dr Glenn Morris.

This chart also shows the current teaching-licences which have been granted to students.
Details are in the lineage chart below:


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