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Raining Spirit Dojo:

Research / North Eltham
(Dojo HQ)

Factory 6/1625 Main Rd
Research VIC 3095

   (03) 9437 0472

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The Raining Spirit Dojo is a registered business in VIC,

ABN: 60 027 781 366


A bit of our Dojo History

The Raining Spirit Dojo was officially founded on 1st May 2009,
in Melbourne, Australia, by Sensei Sylph Dominic Hawkins.

Sensei Hawkins taught classes under the Hoshin Jutsu Australia Pacific
umbrella organisation from May 2009 to Sept 2013.
He first began studying martial arts with Hoshin Jutsu Aus Pacific in Sydney in the year 2000/2001.

Sensei Hawkins created the 12-Phase Hoshinden Jutaijutsu
style now taught at The Raining Spirit Dojo since 2013, as an attempt to
use martial art concepts to continue exploring the manifestation of different
physical phenomena and the bio-mechanics of correct leverage,
angles of force and balance control.

We've moved around a bit in the first decade, here is a quick history of our teaching locations to date:

* Northcote Dojo (Northcote Town Hall Community Room) VIC, 3070 (May 2009 - Jan 2010)

* Fairfield Dojo (Fairfield Scout Hall) VIC, 3078 (Sept 2009 - Jan 2010)

* Hurstbridge Dojo (Hurstbridge Scout Hall) VIC, 3099 (Jan 2010 - Dec 2013)

* Hurstbridge Dojo (Our Leased Factory in Hurstbridge) VIC, 3099 (Dec 2013 - Oct 2017)

* Research Dojo (Our Leased Factory in Research) VIC 3095, (Oct 2016 - present day)

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