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What do our classes involve?

Our clas
ses are a safe environment in which to gain self-confidence, explore kindness and compassion, expand our self development and have fun in the process.

We provide a structure which teaches personal respect and the ability for students to recognise their emotions and act from a place of greater self understanding, whether it's in our Kids Classes, Teens Classes or Adults Classes.

Basically, we have fun and our classes are cool, with a blending of martial-arts for self defense and personal safety, and self expansion and personal development through the study of an art-form.

 Classes are exciting, and contain a broadly-skilled mix of:
 Street-wise Self Defense, Situation Awareness and Pyschology
 Body Movement, Flexibility, Anatomy and Physiology
 Meditations, Breathwork, Energy-work and Developing the Senses

Cardio, Fitness, Health, Stretching, Developing Body, Mind and Spirit
 Tai-jitsu (un-armed martial arts + the study of ourselves)

 Defense against (and study of) Modern and Traditional Weaponry

Classes are about learning how to protect our-selves and loved ones as well as continuing to build our strengths and cardio fitness (heart strength) and developing a spiritual sense of the universe we are a part of.

Classes can be varied, using a range of arts and activities to understand the concepts at heart, and to actually have a true and real personal experience of them, both in the Dojo and in Life, and so a lot of what we study is wholesome, and applicable to much of daily life and living.

We focus on martial arts, movement and self defence as both a meditation, as a vehicle to helping us to discover and make friends with deeper parts of ourselves, and as a path to self empowerment through feeling physically safe, fit, strong and healthy.

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