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What do our classes involve?

We think that the purpose of Martial Arts is to empower people to follow their hearts and live their lives free from the fear of physical oppression or manipulation.

The journey of martial arts is one that asks us to look inwards to find a shining voice that calls us on-wards when times are difficult and the way forward is unclear.

We teach a modern eclectic form of Japanese Jujutsu, called
12-Phases Hoshinden Jutaijutsu

It is a modern street-martial art, and not a sport, we are interested in personal growth and the wonderful maturity that comes from studying an art-form, and we do not take part in tournaments or competitions, we focus on using martial arts to assist students in discovering their natural sense of self belief and strength that comes from within themselves.


Our Kids classes teach students how to fall,
roll, evade, dodge, defend and talk their way out of situations.
Classes build general muscle strength and fitness, stretch flexibility and quick reflexes. We get to talk about philosophical and moral concepts in our Mat Chats each class, and provide the kids with a place to belong and thrive.
Our focus is on helping the kids to feel their innate confidence and self-belief, then discover how to express themselves through martial arts.


Our Teenagers' classes teach students the basics of Jujutsu, locks and controls, defenses from modern and traditional weaponry, personal empowerment through voice projection, posture, body structure and realistic modern street-style self defence alongside traditional form-based study to refine the principals of movement. The Teens' classes work in pairs and study the martial art techniques and activities with a partner in class, constantly applying their learning to real-people. There is a general vibe of caring compassion in the classes, and the teachers make a focus on respect of ourselves and others.


Our Adults' classes teach the same basics as our Teens classes, but take the study of Jujutsu into a more modern approach, and begin to look at adult scenarios and themes in philosophical and moral questions that arise in the study of martial arts.
Many students fall in love with particular aspects of class such as traditional sword-work or fast falling and rolling skills, and the curriculum is immense and varied, enough to keep you busy for a decade and then some! Our teachers bring their martial art skills and study from many different backgrounds and the coloured belt grades prepare students with a good base of modern street self defence both unarmed and armed, and set the student up for more advanced study in their black belt grades if they choose.

We think it's a lot of fun, and the main thing that you'll hear from all of the classes is laughter.
If that sounds like what you've been looking for, for you or your family,

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